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God of many names - commitment prayer

God of many names, my name is known to you.
I am held in the hand of your life, and I do not know what you will make of me.
All I know is that I cannot make myself any more than I could in my mother's womb.
But this I can do, this I choose.
To give myself into the hand of your continuing creativity;
my past, with its joys and triumphs, its failures and regrets;
my present, with its struggles and accomplishments, its hopes and setbacks;
my future, with its fears and freedom, its pain and promise.
To loose and to bind, to stretch and to shape, to become what I will,
trusting the hand that made the world
trusting the spirit that breathes life
trusting the love that will not let me go
trusting the promise of the Word made flesh.

(naming and presentation: a dedication by kathy galloway from the book 'talking to the bones' spck 1996)

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