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Being Disciples Liturgy 6: Life in the Spirit

You have not left us alone but given us your Spirit
May we live in the Spirit

When we are tempted to be super spiritual
Call us back to bog standard human goodness

You breathe our names into the world making us alive
Help us to pause and grow in self awareness
Tell us who we really are

Free us from the noise of expectations, projections and demands
You are not absent but sometimes we are
Help us to be still and to actually arrive

You call us into life
May we grow and enlarge a little more today in any of these virtues:
Self control

Connect us with something so real
that it breaks every container we try to confine it in
Your superabundant joy is our strength

May we continue to walk the good road with you
Being disciples

[Jonny Baker, inspired by 27th April 2022 Gracelet]

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