The even greater silence - December 2009

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas, and also the second coming of Christ at the renewal of the heavens and earth. This service included two periods of silence as we reflected on these themes.

Between the Old and New Testaments there are 400 years without word from God.
When there is silence from heaven, how do we wait amid noise on earth?

Call to worship

Old Testament prophecies

Silence in heaven; turmoil on earth
a dramatic piece, ending with questions to reflect on
to be projected onto a screen that will gradually fade into


Voices from the Christmas story
- starting with angel to Zechariah, ending with John 1
lighting eight candles in homage to Hanukkah
- more words from the life of Jesus to end with Great

Corporate prayer
- thanks for Jesus being born in our world

Meditation – how do we wait for the second coming

- during which people will be invited to light a candle
as a sign of wanting to participate in bringing in God’s
kingdom on earth
As candles fill the church with light, turn lights down

Prayer – recognising that people wait for different things
and with different feelings

Corporate prayer – we choose to wait in hope

For both of these see here

The even greater silence - closing prayer