There are lots of ways of getting involved in Grace and we'd love you to create, participate and engage with us. It's pretty much an open door to involvement in any aspect of the life of grace. We do our best to have a low permission threshold. These are some specific ways you can get involved:

a) Come along to Grace occasionally or regularly - there is no pressure to do any more if you don't want to.
b) Come to grace socials - a great place to meet other people in Grace. There's usually something most months.
c) Participate in a Grace service - have a look at the themes for the year ahead - if there is one that you'd like to help plan let us know. There will be someone who is taking a lead/curating role who will let you know when that is happening. The process usually involves a creative ideas session followed by another to knock it into shape.
d) Come along to the monthly planning meeting - see here for dates.
e) We usually have a Grace weekend away each year - put the dates for the Grace weekend in your diary and join in
f) Come to Greenbelt festival and camp with us - there's usually a good crowd of us who go from Grace
g) There are two grace email lists. Make sure you sign up for one or both. One is a monthly email with info on the upcoming service. The other is for those interested in being more involved in planning and has info on planning meetings, decisions etc. Email grace here and say which you'd like to be added to.
h) Join the Grace facebook page and/or follow the Grace twitter feed and join in conversations there