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Being Disciples Liturgy 1: Being disciples

Jesus thank you for invitation to 'come and see'
We want to breathe the same air
Hang on your every word
Share your life

Help us look and listen
Pay attention like a bird watcher
With still alertness waiting for your light to break through

Jesus thank you for your invitation to 'follow'
We want to be where you are;
Keep company with the people whose company you seek
The excluded, the disreputable, the self hating, the poor, the diseased;
Be close to the heart of the Father

Jesus thank for your invitation to 'the other side of the lake'
Give us courage to get in the boat
And hold risk in our hand

Give us compassion for those in chains;
When we are tempted to take them back to Jerusalem
Let them stay in their own culture
And share the good news with their own people

May we be a place in the world where the act of God comes alive
Help us be your disciples

[Jonny Baker, from the March 2022 service 'Being Disciples']

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