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Being Disciples Liturgy 2: Faith, hope, love

Help us on the journey of faith to grow
From understanding into faith
From memory into hope
From will into love

When we are lost and confused
You are our dependable relationship

When the signposts and landmarks have been taken away
You are the presence that will not let us go

Inspired by you may we too be dependable people
For those who feel abandoned and don’t know who and where they are

Help us grow from understanding into faith

When we forget
You know and see and hold who we are and have been

When we feel like disparate fragments
You hold us in a single gaze of love

Give us patience in our uncertainty
Who we are is in the hands of God

Help us grow from memory into hope

In our society
We have trivialised freedom, will and choice

May we grow into love
Love: an expression of the freedom to receive
Love: that which drives us to take time and let go of anxiety
Love: that which permits us to be given to, made alive, breathed into
Love: a deep contemplative regard for the world, people and God

May we grow from will into love

Faith, hope, love abide
The greatest of these is love

[Mike Rose, from 23rd March 2022 Lent meal]

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