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Seeking Light was pretty dark

In reality it was even darker than these photos! People had only a candle in their hand to read Ian Adams' texts that were hung up around the space. The archive liturgy is here.

Seeking Light - Saturday 10th December

Advent is particularly associated with waiting. But if we can work out how to wait here, in this season, we may better understand how to negotiate the waiting times whenever they come. Whether we are waiting for a darkness to pass - or yearning for a light to come, the waiting and the yearning deserve our care and our attention.

Join us in a contemplative service of darkness and light, based on reflections by Ian Adams.

Stranger in a Strange Land - Saturday 12th November

How does change challenge our identity? How do we handle situations in our lives when things familiar seem no longer so? We in British society are coming to terms with a future Brexit. Come and hear from those who have had to face even greater change, both individually and for their society.

Iceberg - photos and archive

iceberg 1-7

Some Iceberg photos here.

The service materials including slideshow are in the archive here.

Iceberg - Saturday 8th October

The lower part of the iceberg is invisible, immeasurable - and yet it supports everything that we see. How do we measure the worth of the hidden parts of our communities, our faith, our lives? All are welcome to join us in an 'underwater' exploration.

Seeds photos

Seeds photos here. It was beautiful.

seeds 2

Seeds - Saturday 10th September

Join us for the first Grace of a new season. Seeds are everywhere in early autumn, falling and drifting, eaten and buried by humans, animals and birds, waiting secretly in the ground until the spring.

2016-17 dates above

Service dates for 2016-17 are now in the drop-down menu above, for your diary. More information about some of the strange-sounding titles will be forthcoming later! In addition we are thinking of doing a Holy Week installation in St. Mary's, and a series of Lent meetings.

Our primary focus this year is community - how to make it, how to strengthen it. As part of this we intend to remake our monthly planning meetings as community meals and let the planning happen in other ways. Whatever the pressures of our lives, we can always find time and energy for eating and drinking together!

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