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June 2006: Minet Park Labyrinth

Minet Park, between Hayes and Southall, is reclaimed wasteland that Arocha UK in partnership with the local community have developed. Arocha UK is a Christian group who do what might be called environemntal mission.

We were invited to help set up an outdoor labyrinth as part of a festival on June 17th. Arocha had a piece of ground in the park where they hoped to install a permanent labyrinth with funding from Ealing Council. As a step towards this they wanted to introduce people to the idea of a labyrinth and the festival seemed an ideal time.

The suggestion was that a labyrinth mown in the grass would be the easiest way to go. Then we would develop some literature or instructions laminated or something to help people walk it. Then there will be activities in a marquee that relate to it such as design your own labyrinth or whatever... We needed to come up with a way of mowing a labyrinth, and accompanying literature and stuff/ideas for the art venue.

The practice version was the Spirit Labyrinth in St. Mary's churchyard the week before. It led to many years of mown labyrinths in the churchyard. It also led eventually to the Wolf Fields labyrinth of 2022.


Instruction/info card for walking labyrinth – STEVE

Stations in marquee:

Stones and bucket

Get bucket – RICHARD and SUE; Stones – from CMS and St Marys- JONNY

Sandpit and footprints

Bring tarpaulin – ADAM (Adam are you coming on Sat? You weren’t on my original list... If not we have a tarpaulin I think); Sand – we didn’t assign this – anyone going near early learning centre?; towels - JONNY


Writing journey on cutout footprint and adding to a labyrinth pathway. Card, scissors, instructions for feet – JEN

Labyrinth making

Arocha are doing a clay labyrinth making table - AROCHA


<< swipe left

The place they were thinking we would mow the labyrinth was in grass over a foot tall. The mower would have gone about 2 feet before conking out! So we mowed it on a different patch next to it. But the grass was pretty scraggy.

The curvature of the ground inspired the Labydome!

The people show how big it actually is.

Labyrinth-themed creative activities took place in a marquee in the main festival. Making your own labyrinth out of clay was the most popular. In your disk of clay, mark the centre, then press washing line into the clay in a winding pattern to make the path. Remove the line and leave to dry.



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