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September 2007: Roads and maps for the year ahead

september 2007 grace flyer

come and join us this saturday for the launch of a new year of grace

space for reflection, stories and dreams, and recommitment

1. welcome

play track wayfaring stranger from the cd triptych by fred deakin

2. chill

video loop of autumn images photos by jonny, and two prayers from tess ward's celtic wheel of the year - praising and morning invocation p190

3. the road

in groups. gather round a road with four sections representing lakes (refreshment), mountaintops (highs), valleys (lows/struggle), and deserts (dryness). reflect on your summer and where you are at - share stories and light a candle to place yourself on the road.

4. interlude

who are you - play video identity bites by joel

5. maps

on your own reflect on the coming months. what are your dreams? how will the grace ethos shape your involvement in different areas of your life? discuss and pray with someone else. download map here (pdf)

6. recommit to christ and the grace ethos for the year ahead

using three prayers
ethos confession
doors liturgy (ethos version)
we hang our lives on your mercy

7. play track

wayfaring stranger by jamie woon remix by burial

a few of the tunes on the theme of journey played...

  • wayfaring stranger by anita kerr quartet
  • far i have come by arsenal
  • traveller by talvin singh
  • journey by nitin sawhney
  • roads by portishead
  • take the lord along with you by sister gertrude
  • nightwalker by trentmoller
  • journey inwards by ltj bukem
  • ramblin man by lemon jelly
  • wayfaring stranger by jamie woon (burial mix)


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The road - share stories and place a candle on the feet to show where your journey has been.

The items on the feet indicate different kinds of experience. If you put a candle on that foot you can eat the items.


'Identity bites' video by Joel.

Maps - blank...

Maps - folded

At this period the whole congregation were on the Fatboy floor cushions - we cleared all the central benches.



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