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October 1998: Communion - what's it all about?

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Grace's first experiment with Holy Communion, and first cafe-format service. The actual eucharist was the third course of a meal.

The aim of the service was to explore communion a bit, get people to share their experiences and understanding round the meal table, and to set the scene for future '' services. We set the service up cafe stylee with tables and chairs at the front of the church.

Order of service:

invitation/welcome [jen]

songs x 2

intro to evening and theme [mike]

potted history of how we got from last supper to church communion now [jonny]

testimonies of peoples understanding and experiences of communion - this will be done interview style with mike interviewing [jen, dave, bill and steve paynter - the new vicar]

set scene for the meal - get people in groups and facilitate story telling around the table w.r.t. communion experiences and understandings [dave]

prayers esp. for future communion services we do - to include burning of incense [steve]

song - thankyou for hearing me

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