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December 1998: Christmas Labyrinth

the labyrinth itself is based around the annunciation and advent.

the journey inward [preparation to meet god] will take the themes of the OT prophecies about the coming of the messiah; the central light will represent as ever the meeting with god, but in this case specifically the annunciation, as the point where mary said yes to god. the journey outward will be themed on the magnificat, about the effect of us bearing the god we have said yes to out into the world.

[KEV/ANA to email existing labo stations to STEVE who will re-map themes as above]

'self' station - this is about gifts. god to us, us to god. christmas presents. [DAVE]

'each other' station - incarnation - how are we being christ to others? how are others being christ to us? [KEVIN]

people is where we meet god, not a building. 'the messiah is among you' story from riddell.

'planet' station - theme of 'journey' [MARK]

[BRIAN to do overarching meditation, ROSIE to sing]

photos here

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