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January 2004: Celtic body prayer

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Service led by guest Philip Roderick.

Philip Roderick is Founder and a Patron of The Quiet Garden Movement - a simple ministry of hospitality and prayer. Also Contemplative Fire (2004) and Hidden Houses of Prayer (2010).

Order of service


new year - hopes/dreams or things to let go - share in small groups - write on paper chains - tied to altar rails - let go on left hand rail, hope on right hand [steve]

intro to philip - moya or jenny

A couple of worship songs


Explanation of Celtic body prayer - history

Celtic Body Prayer led by Philip Roderick. 20 -25 minutes; "in addition it would be fun to teach some of my syncopated Afro-Celtic chants accompanied by "Man with a Box" i.e. me with an African drum and cardboard box! I could teach one two or three chants and these would take another 20 mins. They are in contemplative vein and are a sort of sung lectio divina."




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Song 'In The East' by Doug Gay.

Philip Roderick leads at the front.


Daniel Miller and Dan Hughes visting from Dallas.

Colour-changing LED eggs called Oggs on the altar. Paper chains as the first part of the service.

Curry at Tandoori Villa at midnight for the team. We didn't do as much food in the post-service cafe then so we could be very hungry by the time we'd taken down and locked up.

Mark Waddington and Paul Wainwright.


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