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June 2004: BBQ and Bishop Pete Broadbent interview

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BBQ followed by Q&A session with our Bishop Pete Broadbent [Bishop of Willesden].

Context: this followed on from the publication of the Church of England report/book 'Mission Shaped Church' which introduced the idea of 'fresh expressions of church'. It featured Grace as the example of 'alternative worship' and effectively changed our position in the Church, from a marginal experiment to an exemplar worthy of study.

Start at 8pm (bbqs already hot and ready to cook)

Anna to put note in newsletter… inc. phone mike as rsvp, bring something to drink, bring something to bbq.

We'll sort out salads etc… who/what to be decided at future planning

Grace to bring outdoor lighting, fairy lights, garden torches etc. And to collect together enough BBQs - have you got one?

Session with bish to start about 9ish(?) to include Q's for the bish and chance for him to ask q's of us and time for us and congregation to question grace/alt worship ...? (see below)

Finish evening with incense liturgy over BBQs.

Questions for Bish...

?Ask him (or us give) to start with summary of 'Mission Shaped Church' report, where it comes from, why, where it goes next etc.

His response to report?
how it will affect his work?
what it means for London?
about change in in culture or permission? bishops giving more permission for experiments?
training/teaching... how do we equip leaders for this?
what would be a leaders role in this?
how is this backed up with cash? (salaries etc.)

does the Bish want to interview us?...

alt worship questions...
problems, strengths, relationships between us and 'parent' church?
do we match up to 'Mission Shaped Church' 5 features of a fresh expression of church? should we? can we?


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In the back garden of the vicarage.

Bishop Pete Broadbent, left, with Duvel in hand. Andrew Jones rear right.

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