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September 2010: Cave*refectory*road

september 2010 grace flyer

[inspired by ian adams forthcoming book cave refectory road]

The focus of the service a) it's the start of the year - looking forward. b) a service of recommitment to God and to one another.

1. Gather as community

intro - sept service where we pause and reflect and consider our commitment to god and one another, ethos, story of grace
recap greenbelt - so rushed thought we could revisit
break bread
share bread
[all taken from be do liturgy]

2. Be still - circle prayers

invite god to be present in us and in community

3. Cave * Refectory * Road

Ian Adams has a book coming out next year called Cave Refectory Road. It picks up on the monastic streams and says that three themes are captured by these ideas. Cave - space to be still, to pray to be alone with God. Refectory - space to meet round the table with fellow travellers and visitors - i.e relationships with others that encourage us in the journey. Road - focusing outwards, engaging in the world in mission. We had three stations:

Cave - here are the photos with text that were in the space

cave 1
cave 2
cave 3
cave 4
cave 5
cave 6 [quote taken from ian adams book]
cave 7
cave 8 [quote taken from ian adams book]
cave 9

Refectory - questions to discuss around the table

which table [taken from a reflection on cheryl lawrie's blog]
refectory quote [taken from ian adams book]
brother roger quote

Road - footprints and questions down the sides of the church


4. Prayer/Bubbles

conclude prayers with we hang our lives on your mercy

5. Blessing

soft eyes blessing

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