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December 1997: Christmas Celebration

Grace 1997 September-December flyer frontGrace 1997 September-December flyer back


'you're not alone' plays. the space is fairly dark and sparse.

everyone is given some mulled wine and an unlit candle as they arrive. encourage a time of chatting etc. one candle in the middle of the space.


'author of creation' [bring in some lights]

an advent adventure

readings and thoughts [waiting/prophetic readings from isaiah and others] [dave]


'o come emanuel'


thoughts around luke 1:1-4 [mike]


based on reading from 'the book of god' by walter wangerin, and a meditation about mary [bevan]

lighting of candles

[william orbit track 'the story of light'] - light from big candle passed from candle to candle


readings and thoughts about jesus as a boy/youth ['you are the source' plays over the readings] [steve]


'he became poor' [from the grace album]


including 'motherhood' poem. personal response by putting candle onto map:

god's messenger poem

thankyou for entering into our world (moving into the neighbourhood)
which neighbourhoods do we ask god to move into this christmas?
put candles on maps


'patrick's breastplate'

blessing/final thoughts

from late late service - love received and love given poem

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