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January 1998: Angels

Grace 1998 January-April flyer

1. Introduction

A happy new year from Grace and a brief intro to the theme. Start by using a few examples of angels from the Christmas story.


2. Song(s)

'I'm full of wonder, awe and amazement', 'Angels from the realms of glory'

3. Meditation


Close your eyes and take a deep breath
Hold your breath - maybe count to five and release it
Listen to the rythmns of your body
Hear your heart beat
hear your breathing
Relax and enjoy just being

Imagine yourself at home
Picture where you are and who is with you
Imagine other people in your home with you
Look around - what is it like?
Imagine that relaxed feeling when you dont feel you 'have' to talk
Enjoy the atmosphere
How do you feel?

Now imagine the doorbell rings
You answer it and outside are some people you have never met before
But they seem to know you
What are you going to do?
Do you want to invite them in?
How are you going to react to them?
The story unfolds

You invite them in and the atmosphere becomes tense
They obviously know things about you but you still dont know who they are
Your mind is racing and you feel a sense of panic

Now you find out that they are angels?
And they tell you something amazing and seemingly impossible was going to happen to you
What might that amazing and impossible thing be?
Would you believe them?
How do your friends react?

Now let the story unfold.

4. ‘Ambiguity’

Bring together some biblical texts and explore different interpretations which have been suggested. text here


5. Group discussion

Discussion points :
What are angels like ?
What’s their job ?
Do we have a guardian angel ? If so - why ?
Have you ever encountered an angel (opportunity for stories to be shared, some to be planted to be used if necessary inc. Pete Freeman)


6. Art installation.

A collage of photographs etc. Groups will have the opportunity to contribute a physical artifact to the installation. Text available to include Matthew 18:10 - a key text yet one which is overlooked/tactically ignored. Also Hebrews 13:2, Psalm 34:7.


7. Song(s)

8. Story

From ‘A Horse and his Boy’ by CS Lewis, 'an unwelcome fellow traveller', an upbeat and joyful end to the service.


9. A catholic blessing


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