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June 1998: Spirit

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the service will be in two parts. the first will be a mix of readings about the spirit from the bible and songs. the readings will not be huge chunks, rather a few verses with plenty of space for people to reflect and contemplate these scriptures. the second will be a response that involves visiting three stations/areas.

section 1

1. introduction/welcome.... explain outline of evening, introductory thoughts, and prayer [jen]

2. readings from the old testament [dave]

Proverbs 8 1-4, 22-31

3. song - 'mighty wind' [from the grace album]

4. readings from the new testament [steve]

John 16 12-15, Romans 5 1-5, Luke 4 18-19, John 14 16-17 and 25-26, John 3 6-8, 2 Corinthians 3 17, Romans 8 26, 1 Corinthians 12 4 and 7-11, Galatians 5 22-23

5. song - 'come holy spirit' [from the grace album]

6. video scroll of words to do with pentecost [mark]

section 2

1. wind station

in the side chapel we will enclose the space with muslin/drapes with images projected on them. inside will be a couple of fans blowing. this is a space for personal prayer. people go in and ask to be filled with the spirit and stay in as long as they like

2. fire station (nee naa nee naa)

in the room used by cyfa we will have three televisons with the flames flickering. a tape will play a retelling of the story of pentecost in acts 2. people sit in the middle of the flames and imagine the story and give thanks for the gift of the spirit.

3. trinity station

we didn't decide where this would be (main area?/between choir stalls?). we will set up a whirly bird clothes line (one of those triangular rotary lines). the three sides symbolise the trinity. we will also have a television with a video of washing in a machine. this station is a place to reflect on the relationship of the father, son and spirit to the world. there will be some things made and hung on the trinitarian whirlybird before the service and at the station people create things/write prayers etc to hang on the line.

4. we will also make available a list of the scriptures that were read in section 1 and a pile of bibles for anyone wanting to sit and read them during this time.

5. final blessing

May the Spirit of truth lead you into all truth, give you grace to speak with your whole life about the kingship of Jesus, and to proclaim the word and works of God; and the blessing of God the all-powerful, Father Son and Holy Spirit, be upon you and remain with you always. Amen.


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There are Bibles with a list of scriptures to look up at your own pace. People are given plenty of time to read and think.

The Trinity station. The three sides of the rotary clothes line symbolise the Trinity. The television has a video of washing rotating in a machine. This station is a place to reflect on the relationship of the Father, Son and Spirit to the world. People create things or write prayers to hang on the line.

The wind station. There are fans blowing on the drapes. This is a space for personal prayer. People go in and ask to be filled with the Spirit, and stay in as long as they like

The Rublev icon of the Trinity.

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