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August 1998: Greenbelt - The Last Supper

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so-called because it was the last communion service at greenbelt 98 and, if the festival had not continued, would have been the last greenbelt service ever!

1. intro/welcome

2. song

3. the table

thoughts on leonardo image of last supper and our contemporary interpretations (people at GB having meals/mcdonalds/etc)

4. invitation

all are welcome - isaiah 55.....

5. song

6. small groups

7. food

eat in groups and share memories - about christ (remember me) and greenbelt (it's the last one in its current format) - the storytelling could be facilitated by a couple of stories from the front

8. confession

handwashing after meal, confession and absolution + track forgiven

9. cup and bread

(after supper he took the cup......) - words of institution and sharing bread and wine in groups

10. songs

11. prayer for future of gb

and everyone going back to home situations

12. song

13. blessing and incense

burn some incense and give everyone a few grains to take away to offer up on fires around GB or at home as ongoing prayer


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Planning session.


The venue is the Epicentre Arts Cafe. The stage TVs are part of the venue, the stacked TVs belong to Grace.


People sharing stories in small groups.



Cigars in the tent after the service.

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