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September 2001: Labyrinth

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This service adapted the St Paul's Cathedral labyrinth to the layout of St Mary's Ealing.

Participants entered the church from the Polygon and followed a tape line on the floor. Station 2 'Noise' was in the church entrance lobby, station 3 'Letting go' was by the font. The path then led back into the church and turned left to station 4 'Hurts' by the north door, then up the north aisle to station 5 'Distractions' in the youth room.

Station 6 'Holy space' was in front of the chancel on the carpeted area. Station 8 'Self' was between the choir stalls, station 9 'Planet' was on the high altar, station 10 'Others' was in the Lady Chapel. Station 11 'Impression' was in the nave and then the path led back out into the Polygon.


<< swipe left

Station 2 'Noise' on the left in the lobby, station 3 'Letting Go' beyond by the font.

Station 3 'Letting Go'.

Station 6 'Holy Space' with bread and wine. The TV of station 9 'Planet' is on the high altar in the background.

Station 10 'Others'. Click on a candle and it lights.

Station 10 'Others'. The children are listening to the soundtrack on headphones.

Station 11 'Impression'.

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