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February 2002: Brands

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This was the first Grace in cafe format, ie everyone seated a tables with food and drink. The congregation included people from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the US and the Czech Republic!

order of service:

1. cafe setup [steve, julia, anna to liaise about food/drink]

first section - what is a brand?

2. service begins with brand knowledge quiz - match logo and advertising strapline [justin with input from mark]

3. what is a brand, how does it work?
- an emotional relationship
- about 'who are you?' rather than product
- deconstructing examples of commercial advertisements [mark]

4. discussion on mark's examples

second section - brands and identity

5. what would jesus wear? if jesus were living in our society he would have to wear brands. so what brands would he wear? what messages or identity would his clothes signal? give out 'paper dolls' with generic clothes - the congregation colour in what they think jesus would wear. then pin up so we can all see each other's 'images of christ'. ask people to justify what they have drawn [steve]

third section - the church and branding

6. church ads - show examples [mark] then ask the congregation to write out and share church ads they have seen [big marker pen on paper to hold up for others to see - will look like real church posters. why not get dayglo poster paper for this?]

7. so what *should* church ads say? what should the message be? to get a handle on this, congregation asked to write new straplines for Grace logo as if it were part of item 2. [who to look after this bit?]

8. 'you are what you consume' [mike]

9. 'consuming' bread and wine [who's doing this bit?????]


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This was only the second Grace in cafe format, i.e. everyone seated at tables with food and drink served throughout (Communion - what's it all about? had been the first). The congregation included people from Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the US and the Czech Republic!

These are some Danes. To see what the congregation have been drawing see below.

During 2002 and 2003 the church itself was closed for restoration so we were always in the church hall. The cafe became an integral and major part of Grace events.


What would Jesus wear?

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The base sheet given to everyone to colour in as they choose.


A good call.

By Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi) who was visiting.








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