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August 2002: Greenbelt - Who do you think you are?

Grace 2001-02 flyer front

'Who do you think you are?' was a service about identity, in three sections: the identity we give ourselves, the identities we give other people, and the identities we receive from God.


1. camouflage netting for ceiling [from army surplus][steve].

2. netting round four corner columns poss. green plastic garden netting

fairy lights in netting - four sets

four mirrors or 16 mirror tiles, at different heights round columns [eg positioned to suit children]. write the label category [see 6 below] for each column on the mirrors

3. central logs and kindling [moya]

before service:

1. hand out provocative labels round site as publicity beforehand

2. vox pop videos beforehand - describe yourself with one word
play back in service [adam]

3. give out identity card at entry to service [steve]
fill in areas
how do you describe yourself?


1. welcome to grace

lazy video at beginning

2. get in small groups

uniqueness game [justin]

3. play back vox pops

introduce theme of service

4. songs

5. prayer to all say together [jackie]

6. introduce label game

labelling yourself and other people

luggage labels hanging from lines/netting strung across ceiling
find labels you feel appropriate - some we've written, plus pens and blank labels to write your own

the labels are in four categories:
something good you thought about someone else
something good you thought about you
something bad you thought about someone else
something bad you thought about you

move labels from ceiling strings to four columns as appropriate and tie to netting

in the background - 'label' words spoken by computer or replay vox pops

bible readings eg adulteress
labels jesus was called, king of the jews label on cross
isaiah [jackie can look up]

7. confession of our labelling of others - forgive and be forgiven

switch on fairy lights at column being prayed at
read a few from each corner
a silence while people think of the labels they put in that corner
then say a prayer [steve and anna]

8. song

9. identity being shaped by god:

intro [mike]

sanding sticks
identity being shaped by god
sawdust as dross from people's lives
meditation [mike]

electric sanders going?
'timber' video during sanding

10. promises: [jen to write promises][jen to introduce]

open up suitcase with god's labels - people take away
play suitable track whiole people get labels

[on other side put grace dates as flyer for people at service][steve]
[note: print out sticky labels to put on blank luggage labels]

11. end prayer that everyone says together [jen]

at certain point in prayer everyone has to read out what is on their label from god [gabble of different words at once]


<< swipe left

Justin and the uniqueness game.

Songs - 'My heart is restless' on the screen.

The label game - choose labels and remove them from the netting.

Tie the labels to one of the four columns.

The label game.

The label game.

Tying labels to the column marked 'Bad about me'

Sanding sticks. The actual sticks to be sanded are the small ones around the logpile.

Joel and Harry Baker sand their sticks.

Promises - a suitcase containing God's labels for us.

Promises - a suitcase containing God's labels for us.

Adam, Jonny and Mike, with a Mac Classic and Buddy Christ (a joke on Christ's identity).

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