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October 2001: Grace

Grace 2001-02 flyer front

order of service:

setting: everybody to bring things

make 'ungrace' installation out of newspapers, 'celebrity bodies' magazine, cvs, ft, daily bible study notes[!] - all things that are signs of ungrace, us trying to earn approval, judgement etc

1. Introduction to theme of grace: [steve c]

what is your default setting? what do you think god's default setting is? hand out paper with windows dialogue box on - fill in your default setting, god's default - what you feel rather than 'head knowledge' [what you know you ought to feel]

'uncle george' passage from 'god of surprises'

adam - can you project the windows screensaver from your vaio onto the big screen? the one where a phrase moves slowly across the screen? am thinking we start with things like 'god is judgement' etc or type in some things that people have written as god's default, and at the end of this section change to god is love

[will chew this over and talk to you]

2. Badges [brownie points]: Anna

intro talk about badges are how we collect approval from god and one another; example badges like quiet time/go to mass/work long hours/have good body; exhausting contradiction between god's approval and human approval eg work long hours v. quiet time, make money v. give it away, be successful v. be humble.

3.The Great Reversal [grace version]: steve c

4. White stones: Mike

this is about new identity from god replacing identities acheived by brownie points. [from revelation 2:17] while people are still standing in position after 'great reversal', someone walks round and gives each person a white stone, saying - what?

5. Songs eg U2/grace

while they are playing people write thanksgivings for god's grace - read out some

6. How do we behave 'gracefully' to others? jenny

fallen women, blind eye

7. Concluding prayers: julia

put cross into 'ungrace' installation. project the word grace over it. julia to write and read out some prayers, space for silent prayer

everybody: bring wine and cheese [hard cheese not runny]

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