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April 2002: The Emmaus road

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set up: a cafe in one room, and then a trail following the emmaus road in the church space. people sit and socialise in the cafe, and can visit the stations in the worship space when they want to.

begin with an intro and a reading of the emmaus road with everybody in the cafe.

then these are the stages of the journey to be done as stations:

1. Hiddenness of God

Lk 24:13-16
dark night of soul - legitimate experience of god's absence
idea of how we see (god may be present but we don't see) - magic eye, dwarfs in narnia story

2. Downcast

Lk 24: 17-18
experience of being down, depression
psalms of being down
bitter herbs and salt water

3. Story telling

Lk 24: 19-27
2 parts
a) listening to one another's stories
b) the power of hearing god's story

4. Welcoming the stranger

Lk 24: 28-29 - tim
who is the stranger for you today?
have you ever encountered Christ in or through a stranger?

5. Breaking bread

Lk 24: 30-31
have table laid with bread and wine (much like sanctuary's dining room in their home installation)

6. Burning hearts + telling others

Read Luke 24: 32-35

after everyone has followed the road... we will have a concluding piece of liturgy back in the cafe.


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Downcast - bitter herbs and salt.


Storytelling and Welcoming the stranger.

Welcoming the stranger.

Breaking bread, with the painting by Caravaggio.

Electronic musician Tim Westcott (wndfrm), right, did the soundtrack.

Tim's mascot Napkin watches the TV.

View from the cafe.

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