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June 2002: God save the queen

Grace 2001-02 flyer front

1. starter

how many countries of the commonwealth can you name? as starter before service

2. rant + reading 1 Sam

OT - samuel appointing saul as king over israel
the monarch as god's ruler/representative on earth [justin]

3. discussion [justin]

4. songs

5. coat of arms

four quarters
each one to pray for eg world, UK, london, family
as tool for reflection before marking places on maps [moya]

6. map prayers

inflatable globes
UK - flat map
london - flat map [steve gets globes and maps][mike does liturgy]
mark prayer places on with UV pen [moya gets pens]

7. psalm 72

[purpose of monarch to protect the nation espec. poor and needy]

8. 'the spirit of the lord has anointed me...' [anna]

9. preacher recording [jonny]

10. jesus remember me [moya]

11. anointing with oil

12. national anthem to end?

various ideas:

authority, tradition

queen's head on stamps, money - chocolate money? [incidentally, because the postage stamp is a british invention we are the only country that does not have to have its name on the stamps - just the head of the monarch]

prayers - use BCP intercessions for monarch, government etc

the coronation oath - what does it contain?

the symbols of monarchy - orb/sceptre/crown/purple robe

union flag - prob. too contentious to use as means different things to different people eg BNP, geri halliwell

red carpet [without dwarf]

the monarch as god's ruler/representative on earth
OT - samuel appointing saul as king over israel
theologising of power - the monarch has divine authority - disloyalty to the monarch is disloyalty to god [see also st paul?]
vs jesus - monarch as servant

constitutional monarchy stresses 'servant' of the people/country
[rather than 'divine right' to absolute authority]

anointing with oil [comes from OT]

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