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March 2002: Simplicity vs complexity

Grace 2001-02 flyer front

do cafe
use polygon as worship space
brand stuff on tvs

start with action symbolising incarnation - place icon of christ [use ibook showing icon on screen] in midst of products[jonny]

song: 'thankyou for entering into our world'

introduce reading wrt last service [brands] and grace team arguments about whether a 'simple' life ie non-consuming, is practical or desirable.

read steve tomkins' rant on being caught up in corporate wrongdoing by means of shopping [steve]


the stations are designed to present both sides of an argument. they give no clear answers or preferences. think and pray - which side of the argument [if any] does god call you to? [steve]

1. withdrawal [eg monastic] v involvement [julia]

2. prayer v activism [include david v goliath book on activism side] [anna]

3. consumer power [eg fairtrade products, organic, vegetarian] v not buying [eg buy nothing day] [justin's story about clothes in lithuania] [mike]

4. personal change [steve] v corporate change [jackie] [eg shareholder activism]

5. destruction/getting rid of possessions [video of artist michael landy performing 'break down'] v creative use of possessions/recycling [jonny + jen]

then back together for:

i have a dream speech - about a different kind of dream than consumerism
david v goliath - small people can make a difference
then liturgy around ad slogans [jonny][adam for slogans]

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