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May 2002: London Eye prayer

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Members of Grace took part in a prayer event on the London Eye instead of a service. A report on what happened here.

Publicity blurb:

As the quality of life in London continues to decline at street level - grime, crime, incivility, drugs, greed - Future World Funk DJ Russ Jones felt that the city needed prayer - prayer from as many Christians as possible. He wanted to create a huge prayer event, but one that would have a radical edge and an underground appeal. An event that would not belong to any one branch of the Church, or need big organisation and big money.

The London Eye is one of the capital's tallest structures - on a clear day there isn't much of the city you can't see from it. A ticket takes you round once, the 'flight' lasting half an hour - a good length for a prayer time. And so...

...the score is this:
Book your own ticket for the London Eye for Saturday May 11th, 7pm or later. And turn up prepared to pray. Bring your own prayer material. Maybe like Grace you can relocate an entire service to the Eye - but please, no candles! Maybe you could flash your camera like the tourists do, as a symbol of sending out light over London. Be inventive, and be considerate for the non-Christians who may be sharing your capsule! No-one knows how many will turn up. It could be 20, 200 or 2000. The important thing is that London gets prayed for. Tell your friends. Tell your church. See you there!


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